Commercial enzymes have proven to be extremely valuable in the alcohol business. Alcohol brewers rely on enzymes to reduce processing time and to produce a better flavor. (citation 15)


Pectinases and clarification enzymes are used during the clarification process when making wine. These enzymes help by processing the grapes faster as well as creating a better-tasting juice. (citation 16) 



 Starch Saccharification

Glucoamylase enzymes are used to break down the starchy molecules and. This enzyme are capable of completely breaking down the starched into a product of fermentable sugars (glucose). These sugars are converted into alcohol by yeast during fermentation. (citation 17) 

Improved Fermentation

 Because cereals such as maize have low soluble nitrogens, this results in a longer fermentation time as well as a stunted growth of yeast. Adding a small amount of protease enzymes helps the growth of yeast, as well as reducing fermentation time.

(citation 17)



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