Are Enzymes Safe?

Enzymes are composed of proteins, which makes them completely biodegradable. They are not toxic to plants, animals, and humans. However, those who breathe high concentration of enzymes for long periods of time may suffer from respiratory allergy. This is not a safety issue for consumers, but people that work in enzyme making facilities may suffer from allergies if the enzymes are not handled properly. (citation 18)

 What's Being Done

The first enzymes in detergents were dusty powders, which made it easy for the enzymes to become airborne. Many employees working in enzyme making facilities were exposed to enzymes, and a few of them developed respiratory allergies. Since them, people have been very careful when dealing with enzymes. Some of these precautionary steps are:

· Working with enzymes in confined areas to limit the exposure

· Improving the enzyme to minimize the dustiness

·  Monitoring the enzyme levels in the air

·  Monitoring the health of the employee

(citation 18)



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