Currently the leader in the industrial enzyme busiss, Novozymes applies biotechnology to improve the use of everyday applications. They have patented over 6,000 enzymes, and are continuing to explore many more. Novozymes has research facilities located throughout the world, including a facility in Davis, California. Novozymes aims to improve the performance of a product while reducing the impact on the environment. Click HERE to learn about their new innovations. 

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 Located in Sunnyville, California, the American Peptide Company specializes in peptide and protein research for specifically pharmaceutical and biotech companies worldwide. Their goal is to help discover drugs for "preserving and improving human life." Click here to access their website. 

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Genencor is one of the largest developers of industrial enzymes. Genencor is recognized as the second largest biotech company in the world. By applying biotechnology into their research, Genencor is able to produce environmentally friendly products. Their manufacturing sites are located throughout the world, and one of their reseach facilites is located in Palo Alto, California. Click HERE to learn about their new innovations.  

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 Maps is a biotechnology company that produces enzymes and micoorganisms for various industrial uses, such as textiles, detergent, starch, and animal feed. Maps is one of the leading biotech companies in India, and they are dedicated to meet the needs of their customers. Click here to access their website. (citation 22)


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