B I O R E M E D I A T I O N 


 Haloalkane Dehalogenases 

Scientists in the Czech Republic have unraveled the technology for the neutralization of poisonous mustard gas. Noxious mustard gas was used as weapon during WWI. "Exposure to mustard gas causes distinctive burns on the skin. Many victims of the gas in the First World War were blinded or had severe vision damage as a result of their exposure" (citation 24) The Czech Republic still contains stockpiles of mustard gas from that time, and has finally found a safe way to dispose of it.

 In this detoxification technology, the enzyme haloalkane dehalogenase transforms mustard gas into a  harmless substance. This enzyme will assist in safely disposing the stockpiles of this poisonous gas. 

(citation 23) 



(image 18)  Mustard Gas Canisters 



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