Novozymes recently patented an enzyme that improves the digestive process in fish, specifically salmon and trout. Adding RONOZYME® P (L) to fish feed helps the fish absorb vital nutrients (specifically phosphorus, which promotes growth) from their food source. Feed cost for aqua farmers is reduced by several percent. With the use of RONOZYME® P (L) fish excrete less salts into the water, helping maintain a cleaner aquatic environment.                                                     (citation 8) 


Novozymes’ enzyme Ondea® Pro reduces carbon footprint and helps brewers cut the cost of making beerOndea® Pro reduces the amount of carbon dioxide emitted during the creation of beer. Although the amount of carbon dioxide is reduced, the amount of alcohol is not jepordized; the same amount is produced as before. A new trend shows that many consumers lean towards environmentally-friendly products, making this a very favorable enzyme.                                                   

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 For the past 10 years, Novozymes has been working on their new enzyme Cellic® CTec2,which transforms agricultural waste into ethanol. Ethanol is an alternative, alcohol based fuel. The unique protein complex of the enzyme allows the process of transformation into ethanol to speed up while using smaller dosages of the enzymes. These advancements will allow the biofuel industry to be able to supply cellulosic ethanol at a price below $2.00 per gallon. Cellic CTec2 has also been proven to convert a wide variety of raw materials into reusable energy (such as wheat straw, corn cobs and stalks, woodchips, sugarcane bagasse, etc). Produces will have a wide variety of raw materials to use, and these products create the same end product.

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The world’s supply of phosphate fertilizer is declining, but agricultural demand is expected to increase by a minimum of 70% over the next 40 years. Farmers have taken an interest in bioinnovations like JumpStart®, which increases the amount of phosphate available to plants.  JumpStart® contains the fungus Penicillium bilaii; in nature,this fungus releasing phosphate from the soil that would otherwise have been unavailable to the plant. This leads to agricultural yields increasing by 6-7%. 

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